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Reliable timber treatment services

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The timber in your home and property decays for many reasons. Do not let a poor choice be one of them; get in touch with Apollo Damp & Timber Decay Specialist in Cambridge for effective timber treatment services. Our services are certain to add life to your timber while ensuring it remains in perfect condition. Our qualified and experienced specialists are fully equipped with the latest and most innovative equipment to stop the timber from decaying. We use a fungicidal spraying procedure to prevent the decaying of timber and remove timbers which are beyond saving.

Reliable timber treatment services in Cambridge and the surrounding areas

Apollo Damp & Timber Decay Specialist uses water based low odour treatments. Our services are quick, reliable and flexible in nature.

Dry rot: It is an aggressive form of timber decay. We remove moisture spores and use treated timbers.


Wet rot: It involves eradication of source of moisture, replacing decayed timbers and increasing ventilation.

Types of treatment

If you are suspecting any possible decay in your timber, get in touch with us. We will get one of our timber specialists to inspect your property and prepare a report. Timber decay is often associated with rising damp and condensation, we recommend you to utilise our damp proofing services for a complete solution. Our gallery contains snapshots of our previous work for reference.

Woodworm and beetle infestation: Woodworm is a generic description given to the infestation of a wooden item (normally part of a dwelling or the furniture in it) by the wood-eating larvae of any of many species of beetle.