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Treat all of your damp

Apollo Damp & Timber Decay Specialist in Cambridge protects your home from damp and timber decay. With over 33 years of experience, we are your local damp and timber decay experts.

We are a family-run business who have been helping our clients since 1982 for domestic and commercial purposes.

If you are worried that some of the timber in your house is decaying, contact us. We have audits and treatments to solve dry rot, wet rot, woodworm, beetle infestation, all types.

If your home does not have a damp proof course, then it should as rising damp causes all sorts of problems to insulation, plaster and decoration over time. We take meter readings to show if there is a problem and where. We can then provide a damp proof course to solve the problem for life.

With modern day living condensation is a growing problem. People today are also more aware of the health implications of living with mould. Many people simply advise opening a window, but this is not practical during the winter time. We have a range of ventilation solutions depending on how bad the problem is.

and timber problems

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Apollo is part of the Fordham Restoration group of companies and as such we can also carry out any small building works you may require as part of the solutions above.